How to Reach 5000 GS

This guide is a report from this eternal-wow page, only I couldn’t stand the green on black text and the lack of paragraphs.
Sometimes Casual Solo players find it hard to get into an Icecrown Citadel dungeon raid of 10/25 players. Some of you might read in trade chat LF DPS ICC 10, or LF Tank ICC 25. Your reaction is to whisper that guy and offer your valuable service. The player will either ask you what Gearscore you have and achievements, or you will get invited and within a few seconds you are kicked out after your Gearscore has been seen.


Gearscore has removed partially the social aspect of the game. If you don’t have Gearscore 5000 — in some strict cases — you won’t get an invite to run Icecrown Citadel. I have been guildless since August when Prelude disbanded with just two kills on Yogg-Saron, and dedicated to run random Heroic dungeons, and helping a close one level up her new character. Now that she’s level 80, and can take care of herself, I am slowly finding out the status quo after patch 3.3 went live. Anytime I ask for a Icecrown Citadel invite, the first thing I get asked is what’s your Gearscore. I was like — huh?
Gearscore is an addon that allows you to hover your mouse over a player, and the name tag at the bottom-right of your screen will tell you his Gearscore along with his name, level, guild, and realm. Each item in your character’s gear slots has a value, and the sum of all these values becomes a Gearscore. Someone who happens to hit level 80 will be more or less around Gearscore 3000. Someone with Ulduar quality gear will be somewhere around Gearscore 4200. However, with some elitist PUG groups or guild groups, if you are a solo player wanting a chance at Icecrown Citadel 10/25 dungeons you must be at least Gearscore 5000.
How can you achieve that goal, specially those of you who just hit level 80 or are stuck with Ulduar gear? Continue reading for my personal experience and you might find some wisdom in this Guide.

The patch 3.3: Fall of the Lich King introduced many ways for players who recently reached level 80 to get geared up asap with Trial of the Crusader level 245 quality gear, without doing Trial of the Crusader dungeons — sans any of the tier-set bonus stats.You don’t need those bonus anyway, because your aim is to get into Icecrown. With the introduction of the Gearscore addon which is now gone mainstream when deciding who to invite into Icecrown Citadel, it’s hard to get an invite or be worth enough.

If you are not at least 5000 gearscore, my friend, don’t even dream of getting an invite to Icecrown Citadel, unless you are in a friendly guild. Many players don’t have a guild — be it casual solo players, solo PvP players, people who barely has a couple of hours and can’t commit to a 7pm-12am raiding schedule, etc.

Those who fall into that category, need to PUG Icecrown, or be a freelancer. Sometimes a guild member won’t show up to play, or has to go offline early for whatever reason. In this case, a guild leader or officer will go to Dalaran to type LF DPS/Healer/Tank ICC 25 or 10.

Those players who are level 79 and suddenly hit level 80 during a dungeon run, will want to read through this guide on how to speed up into Icecrown Citadel. It’s not easy, and it’s not overnight. However, it will spare you a lot of frustrating dungeon runs where bosses might not drop what you need.

My main is a level 80 Holy Paladin, but I have a Shadow Priest who hit level 80 some months ago, but I did never run any dungeons or played any Icecrown or Storm Peaks quests. It was the perfect character for this article, as I would start from zero like any of you who are about to hit level 80 or just hit it recently.

If possible, grab the quest from Dark Ranger Vorel (Horde) or Apprentice Nelphi (Alliance). Both can be found on their respective banks in Dalaran. It is recommended to make a /macro and type /tar dark ranger vorel or /tar apprentice nelphi.

They like to roam around inside the bank and around the Sunreaver’s Sanctuary or The Silver Enclave sometimes, but they will usually be just outside the entrance of the bank or inside the bank.

They will give you a quest titled: Inside the Frozen Citadel, to find Lady Sylvanas Windrunner (Horde) or Lady Jaina (Alliance) within the Forge of Souls (normal) in Icecrown Citadel. The entrance is on the eastern side of the Citadel, only accessible with a flying mount (the bridge with large Argent Crusade flags).

They will give you the quest Echoes of Tortured Souls to kill Bronjahm and the Devourer of Souls. After the latter is dead, wait for your leader and her troops to arrive from behind you and talk to the leader to turn in the quest. She will give you your first Emblem of Frost x 2.

She will send you to the Pit of Saron. The NPCs will open a portal into the Pit of Saron in the back of the Devourer of Souls’ room. Enter it and walk a few steps away from the portal. Your leader will show up and you can turn in the quest again.

There you get the quest The Path to the Citadel where you must free 15 slaves by clicking the iron ball which chains their ankles and kill Forgemaster Garfrost.

If after Garfrost dies, you still don’t have all the 15 slaves freed, ask your team to help get all 15 of them, and run back to where Garfrost’s corpse is to turn in the quest to Gorkun Ironskull (Horde) or Martin Victus (Alliance).

Any of them will give you the quest Deliverance from the Pit, ordering you to kill Scourgelord Tyrannus in Pit of Saron. This quest gives you another emblem of Frost x 2.

Once you turn that quest in, you get Frostmourne. Simply run through the building’s door your leader opens near Tyrannus, and at the end of the building you will find a portal into Hall of Reflections. Walk in a bit, and your leader will spawn to turn in that quest. From that moment forward, you have unlocked all three dungeons and gained Emblem of Frost x 4, and hopefully a few item level 219 gear.

If by now you don’t have access to Heroic mode dungeons, I recommend clicking the Dungeon Finder (i) and to set it to Random Lich King Dungeon.

Don’t you dare to play any from the Dungeon Finder: Specific Dungeon tab. While you may want a specific item from a specific place, in the short-or-long term you will benefit far more from running random dungeons. The key to success here is Emblem of Triumph.

Remember, your goal is not to get uber gear from dungeons, but to increase your Gearscore to 5000 in as short time as possible to be worthy of an invite into Icecrown Citadel: Fall of the Lich King.

None of the gear you get in any of the dungeons will be as good as the Trial of the Argent Crusader item level 245 quality. So this is why you are doing all of this process — to obtain that type of gear. To do so, you need to fish for Emblems of Triumph via the Dungeon Finder.

You get Emblem of Triumph x 2 per each time you finish a run with the Dungeon Finder: Random Heroic, plus each boss drops an Emblem of Triumph.

If you don’t have access to heroic dungeons yet, no problem, just run the Dungeon Finder: Random Normal. Bosses will still drop these emblems.

These emblems are redeemed in Dalaran. You should look for Arcanist Miluria (Emblem of Triumph Quartermaster) in the second floor of the Silver Enclave (Alliance), or Magistrix Vesara (Emblem of Triumph Quartermaster) in the second floor of the Sunreaver’s Retreat (Horde).

These Quartermasters will sell you a totem, sigil, idol, or libram upgrade level 245. They have a wand, and thrown weapon. The most important ones: Head, Shoulder, Ring, and Trinket. All of those are item level 245 which is a nice way toward your goal: Gearscore 5000. Your ticket into Icecrown Citadel — at least with the people who are too strict to invite you in. Ignore the PvP gear, don’t waste your emblems.

When I started farming emblem of triumph I had not done much raiding after hitting level 80, so my Gearscore was below 3000.

Currently I have all those emblem of Triumph level 245 items from the Quartermaster, including some dungeon items such as the Ancient Dragon Spirit Cape (level 200) from Ley-Guardian Eregos (Oculus Heroic), Cuffs of Winged Levitation wrist (level 200) from Ley-Guardian Eregos (Oculus Heroic), Ancient Polar Bear Hide (level 232) from Ick (Pit of Saron Heroic), Arcane Loops of Anger (level 232) from Devourer of Souls (Forge of Souls Heroic), Blood Boil Lancet (level 219) from Devourer of Souls (Forge of Souls Normal), Boots of the Crackling Flame (item 219) from The Black Knight (Trial of the Champion Heroic), Woven Bracae Leggings (level 200) from Loken (Halls of Lightning Heroic), Essence of Anger (level 219) from Devourer of Souls (Forge of Souls Normal), Marwyn’s Macabre Fingertips (level 219) from Marwyn (Hall of Reflections Normal), one of my rings is level 200 from the Hallow’s End boss, and a trash trinket level 187.

As you see, there’s a lot of level 219 and level 200 items in my Shadow Priest. I merely focused on farming Emblem of Triumph. Now I have five items level 245 from the Quartermaster, and everything else basically from running those Dungeon Finder: Random Normal and Heroic dungeons. What’s the point? I got all of these in nigh a week of work. I was probably under Gearscore 3000 a week ago. Now I am Gearscore 4527 in just one week of work; and have 22 Emblem of Frost — not too far from getting my first Icecrown Citadel level 251 Tier set piece (which requires 60 emblems).

Now that the heavy work is out of the way farming those five Emblem of Triumph Quartermaster items, I will focus on running heroic dungeons for more Emblems as a back up plan, and testing my luck for better gear to replace those which are level 200 – 219 in order to leap from Gearscore 4527 to 5000.

For the remaining gear (Hands, Legs, and Feet) you have two options: Get level 232 items from the Triumph Armor Vendor Aspirant Naradiel (horde) / Aspirant Forudir (alliance) at the Argent Tournament Grounds; or you can go to the Official website to load your character items. Once there, hover your mouse over the left or right of your item to find an upgrade. There you can see where the item comes from and you can hit those heroic dungeons every day till you have the desired items that push you into Gearscore 5000. I have a feeling the quickest path is to farm the emblems.

The hands cost only 30 emblems of Triumph, and the Legs and Feet cost 50 emblems each. The good thing is that many Icecrown Citadel-ready players with Gearscore 5200-5800 can be seen running these Random Heroic dungeons through the Dungeon Finder, and not all of them mind to carry people below Gearscore 4500. In fact, these dungeons felt really easy and faster than usual, helping you get these emblems in fast record times.

This is probably less than 2 weeks worth of work to be Icecrown Citadel ready.

This is the most efficient way I could think of reaching Gearscore 5000 within 2 weeks or less, instead of going to specific Heroic dungeons to see if you are lucky enough for the item desired to drop. Not to count, once you are locked to that heroic dungeon you can’t attempt it again till the lock out timer is up. The other option would be to run Ulduar or Trial of the Grand Crusader — and that’s a nightmare of many weeks to even get close to reach Gearscore 5000.

Hope this article helps you go in the right direction to be worthy of an invite into the Icecrown Citadel 10/25-players raid.

You can find all of the Emblem of Triumph Quartermaster items at the following WoWArmory list.

Those of you who are skeptic that you can do this within a two weeks, you can check out my Character Statistics. I have only ran 3 normal dungeons in Wrath of the Lich King.

Only 3 runs in Trial of the Champion via the Dungeon Finder. Only 4 kills on Bronjahm (Forge of Souls Normal) and 1 kill on Bronjahm (Forge of Souls Heroic) via Dungeon Finder. No runs on Ulduar. No runs on Trials of the Crusader nor Grand Crusader 25-man Normal/Heroic.

Under Dungeons & Raids –> Wrath of the Lich King at the bottom of the page you will see:

Random Lich King (heroic) dungeons completed: 35 Random Lich King (normal) dungeons completed: 3 (these was normal Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, and Hall of Reflections)

Emblem of Triumph Quartermaster: Items obtained / Number of emblems required for purchase: Brimstone Igniter (wand): 25 Hood of Smoldering Aftermath: 75 Pauldrons of Catastrophic Emanation: 45 Heartmender Circle (ring): 35 Talisman of Resurgence (Trinket): 50

Total: Emblem of Triumph x 230 Time spent: Around a week

Under Dungeon & Raids –> Lich King Dungeons (normal) you will see my first Forge of Souls (normal) got an achievement in March 7, 2010. Under Dungeon & Raids –> Lich King Dungeons (heroic) you will see my first Heroic was Drak’Tharon Keep in March 7, 2010.

All the Lich King Heroic dungeon achievements listed there are from March 7 to March 14, 2010. One week and you can go straight up from just getting to level 80 with no heroic loot up to Gearscore 4527 or better by farming Emblem of Triumph as shown with my Shadow Priest character. It’s a matter of a few days more to get that extra 500 Gearscore to reach the goal: 5000 which might guarantee a spot in Icecrown Citadel.

My main character, the Holy Paladin level 80, had level 232 Ulduar 25 gear, and some lower items. I went by the same formula of Emblem of Triumph to aim for Gearscore 5000. So far got five items level 245 from the Emblem of Triumph Quartermaster to replace some of the Ulduar gear, and that alone put me up to Gearscore 4986. I already have Emblem of Frost x 89, which will allow me to get my first Tier set piece to get past 5000.

It’s a matter of dedication, and to smartly spend your time where it must be spent, instead of running a specific dungeon for the item you want.

Thanks, Medievaldragon for all this great information!