This is a resource page for Project 1999 Everquest.

This is an officially sanctioned server running EQ as it was at the Velious expansion in 1999

How do I install?

Project 1999 EQ is easy to install IF you follow instructions carefully.

Get the game files from a torrent site. Note there has been a patch recently (2/2019) see P99 Wiki.

You also need the patch/exe file to run the game.

  1. Download and extract the game file folder.
  2. Download and extract the patch/exe. Right click the exe, go into properties and point the patch/exe to where you placed the game folder. It’s currently set to look on /c for the folder.
  3. While you’re in properties, set the game compatibility to Windows XP, Service Pack 2 (relieves some crashing)
  4. You must use this patch/exe to launch. Do NOT run the exe in the game folder.

Warning: You are not supposed to 2-box on this server. They can monitor this. If two people in your house (one IP) are playing your supposed to ask them for special permission.

If you’re 2-boxing, you’d better be on separate computers, and a VPN is essential. If they see two chars on the same machine and same IP you may get banned, especially if another player reports you because you look like you’re 2-boxing.

Game Resources:

Legal game map overlay (Reads Log files) here.

GINA. Add custom audio and text triggers. Play a sound when you get a message. Set up audible buff and spawn timers. Download here.

Hazimil’s GINA Trigger Resource page here.

UI Mods
Macros and Commands
Gear and Guides
Class Guides

Bard Instrument List (takes a while to load)

Bard Instrument Modifiers

Store bought drums 18
Store bought strings 18
Store bought wind 18
Store bought brass 20

Mistmoore Drums 21
Lute of the gypsy princess 21
Gypsy Lute 21

Sharkskin Drums 22
Nostrolo’s Tambourine 22

Sky flute 22
Kelin’s Lute (Maestro) 24
Sky horn 22 (I think)

McVaxius Horn of War 23
Selo’s Drums of the March 24

Web Resources

P99 Auction Logger (This is somewhat reliable, not everyone has /log turned on)

Graphic Resources

Some random resources, I’ll clean these up soon:

You can knock out most of them just by using Duxa’s installer:…ad.php?t=28335

Here’s a post I made that lists a bunch of ways you can make the Titanium client more classic:…71#post2482371 (use the hi-resolution zone textures for higher quality)

Here’s a post I made that links to all of Zaela’s fixes combined into one easy-to-install file:…p?p=2491223#21

Here’s a post I made for better classic elemental textures (new link at end of thread):…d.php?t=256151

Here’s a post I made that links to an updated version of Ropethunder & Nilbog’s transparency patcher utility (changes described in detail here and here):…p?p=2491217#88

Here’s a post I made that links to an easy-to-install zip that will force the Titanium client to use new water in old zones:…p?p=2491211#23

Here’s a post I made that links to easy-to-install zips to randomize your loading splash screen between either the original Trilogy loading screens or all 19 EverQuest loading screens:…p?p=2491227#12

Here’s a post I made that links to a bunch of different easy-to-install sound packages, the “bettereqsounds” package being the most important because it fixes that thread’s original package which had a bunch of files rendered in stereo which the client couldn’t play back:…p?p=2488457#30


Turning on the zone caches seems to help. I’m not sure if its defaulted to on or not.

Inside the eqclient.ini under the [Defaults] section look for value.


EQ Dungeons
EQ Raid Guides