Welcome to Altruistic Guild. We are a casual raiding guild on Warmane’s Icecrown.

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Guild Rules

  1. Be chill. Have fun. Altruistic means helping others.
  2. Politics, drama, disrespect, gender bashing, racism, have no place here. You get one warning
  3. Resolve conflict maturely. Don’t be a jerk
  4. Give play suggestions publicly, not a whisper, so others can learn.
  5. If someone is bothered by language or subject, drop it.
  6. Discord participation required. It’s our Forum. No mic? You can listen on raids.
  7. Use your Char’s name in Discord or as Nickname
  1. Initiate > Member – 1 week as initiate, active almost daily, Members+ get vault access
  2. Member > Veteran – 1 mo in guild, active daily
  3. Veteran > Raider – Meets progression raider expectations below
  4. Officer – Show initiative, helpfulness – Alie and Doc decide
  5. Sr. Officer – Officer for 2+ mo, active in raids, active in officer discussions, impress Leaders
  1. Repairs and Raid Pots are subsidized. Donate gold to help
  2. Members: Tab 1-3. Vets: Tab 1-4. Raiders: Tab 1-5. Officers: Tab 1-6
  3. Need a few from stack? Put rest back
  4. Raids need mats for Stoneblood, Frost Wyrm, Endless Rage, Fish Feasts.
  5. Epics in vault are 50% off for members. 75% off for Raiders. Must equip immediately
  6. Contribute gold and needed items.
  1. Team A: 5500 GS+ or can pull 7k DPS+ (4.5K+ on H target dummy) and works to improve (daily heroic, fos/pos, rotation tuning). Rest are Team B.
  2. If you sign up show up, on time, supplied & ready. Start Que early. Signing up is no guarantee you will raid. If we have enough, we’ll run 2 10m groups, or a 25m, or Alt run another day.
  3. Guildies take priority over pugs, until 15 min after raid start. Post on Discord if running late.
  4. Deadly Boss Mods, Omen Threat Meter (if high dps), and at least listening in Discord is required. Use push-to-talk if environment is noisy.
  5. Do not enchant and gem right before or during raids. Upgrade ICC ring after a wipe.
  6. Expect gear and class direction from Officers or class leads

Guild Leaders

Guild Leader: Alieward

Co-Leaders: Doc & Georgedubya

Sr. Officers/Raid Leaders: Sifex, Georgedubya

Officers: Anaardana, Axxelrose

Fun Officer: Job Open

Class Group Leads: Tanks: Alieward, Healers: Doc, Mele DPS: Sifex Range DPS: Sniperr

Join Us: Send Alieward or any officer a message or mail in-game. Discord use is Required. You can also fill out an application here.

Raid Progression

ICC 10m 12/12
ICC 10m heroic 6/12
Onyxia 10m 1/1
ToC 10m 5/5

Latest News

We are recruiting again!

Discord Voice Chat

Discord use is required, for raid voice chat, but also for offline text discussion/announcements. Use the plugin below or go to bit.ly/alt-gu